Mydatalife, a “Central Vault” for documentation

If you are reading this for the first time, welcome to your personal, entirely private and totally owned by you data file where you can keep your records securely and only share information with others with your consent, which you can withdraw at any time.

We stress that this file is entirely under your control, it is your property and you have sole administration rights over it, please read our Background heading for the related history. We do ask that you give the technical staff of mydatalife permission to access, and if necessary reset, your password or other authentication controls, but that is solely to restore your use of your file if you should forget or get locked out, they will never enter any data.

The only other circumstance where mydatalife would access your file must also have your absolute prior consent, combined with detailed and precise instructions dictated by you, would be on death. If you instruct us to do so we are able to pass information on your digital life on to your heirs. This would only be what you have predetermined they should have, and only to specific named people. You can allocate different data to different people; those instructions are set up entirely by you and controlled by you. The transmission to the named party must be authenticated, is entirely automated and mydatalife never see the content. We believe this to be a major benefit in the use of your information, to be entirely secure in your lifetime, but available as you direct to secure your future legacy.

We expect over time to respond to any requirements of our customers to share data whilst it remains absolutely under your control. For this purpose we will provide Partner organisations with a “Connector” that will give access rights only to the specific information that you give consent for. For instance, in the case of a flight booking, you may wish to grant an airline access to details of your passport. It might be convenient to you to add other details to the permission, such as your address and telephone number, but if you do not wish that, then they will not be able to have it. Each consent will carry its own terms and be subject to your absolute veto.

Thus mydatalife is an entirely new approach to your personal control of your data under your absolute ownership. Access may be granted, and controlled, with your consent. Like anything new it will take time to evolve and grow, but we contend that it is the future for data privacy.