Mydatalife Partners

A working partnership is front and centre of everything we do, what sort of partner are you? With the types of Partners increasing all the time we would like to hear from anybody with any of the following interests:-">

Customer Partner

We provide the infrastructure for your mydatalife personal file and – subject always to your specific consent for a specific purpose – you may ask us to support you in managing your information, specifically by ensuring you never lose access through the loss of authenticating data. Your file is but a single step on what could be a very long march, taking you into areas as yet unexplored. We are here to support your adventure, wherever you wish it to take you to.

Data Protection Partner

Holding customer data is a risk for any business that can be resolved by building your management software around the use of a personal mydatalife file for all your customers. Through carefully conceived consent planning you will still have information access to run your affairs and (with their consent) have direct platform access for messaging purposes, thus also removing email risk. Use it as a marketing USP and find a customer base that may already be registered, meaning that they do not have to enter their information yet again to trade with you.

Consent Partner

Build a specific Connector to access data of interest from the Customer records, subject always to the consent of the file owner. Use this feature to offer rewards for involvement in surveys etc.

Compliance Partner

The authentication of documents has never been so important, especially within the qualification records of our customers. Link with the specific page holding your certification and be in a position to confirm its authenticity for the benefit of all parties relying upon their accuracy, and be in a position to renew directly when required.

Cooperating Partner

Our architecture is intended to be “open” to the extent that we will licence both our file architecture and Connector interface to organisations that wish to develop their own support infrastructure, yet who see the benefit of a seamless interaction with multiple other providers.

Recruitment Partner

A specific application facility allows our customer to consent to searchable text indicating their time and skills availability for work purposes. These can be set for both push and pull notifications saving fortunes in communications whilst ensuring that CV and qualifications data are always up to date, held in a single place, to which consented access can be granted without prejudice to the recruitment company, nor the unwarranted distribution of Customer information to holders that cannot make an offer. The Customer retains control; the recruitment company pre-qualifies both interest and availability.

Family Partner

Whilst entirely personal and private to our prime customer, both they and their Family have an interest in preserving access to selected aspects of their digital life if – for any reason – they can no longer manage it.

Health Partner

Through specific programmes Customers can opt to interact with Health, Fitness and Medical Support Partners

Insurance Partner

When given appropriate consent access all aspects of insurance risk to be able to provide an instant online competitive quotation